Duct Installation

December 11, 2019
Actual Cost Estimating HVAC Ductwork

Actual Cost Advantages

Actual Cost Advantages Actual Ductwork Material Costs and Install Times Traditional ductwork estimating is one of the most inefficient and costly processes in development and construction. In a typical commercial project, tens of thousands of dollars are bled away through error, inefficiency, double data entry, triplicated efforts, and communication issues […]
October 5, 2019
HVAC Duct Installation On Site

HVAC Ductwork Installations Savings

Save Up To 25% on Ductwork Installation At The Cincinnatus Group, we’ve developed a proprietary method that saves owners and developers comprehensively, a program that covers the entire life-cycle of an HVAC ductwork acquisition and installation project. In this article, we go over the basics of savings on installation. Our […]
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