Career Opportunities

At The Cincinnatus Group, we know that even with the wealth of technology and machines available to us today, our number one resource is always going to be our employees.

The Cincinnatus Group is always growing, so we are always looking for the right people to fill the right seats. While industry experience is a plus, it’s better for us to train employees that have the right values and want to live their ideal life.

Ask Yourself…

  • Do you love your work environment and enjoy your coworkers?
  • Is your work interesting and fulfilling?
  • Do you have the ability to make a difference every day?
  • Are you stuck in a job that’s not going anywhere?
  • Do you have time for your hobbies and the important people in your life?

Are you the right person to join The Cincinnatus Group?

At The Cincinnatus Group, we start with values. Our core values define our company and our culture, serving as the foundation from which we operate.

  • Work Ethic
  • Sacrifice
  • Accountability
  • Humility
  • Pursuit of Excellence

In business, when serving our clients, these values guide our decisions and help strengthen every relationship we build.

Doing What You Love

Spending your days doing things you love and are great at – things you do that give you energy and that you’re passionate about.

With People You Love

Being with people you really love being around, who are enjoyable and
uplifting, and with whom you can be your authentic self.

Making a Huge Difference

Making a huge impact and leaving a legacy whether it’s with the world, your coworkers, clients/customers, family, friends or yourself.

Being Compensated Appropriately

Being fairly compensated as well as having the opportunity to improve your skills and grow your income potential while helping clients increase their businesses.

With Time For Other Passions

Having time to pursue the other activities you’re passionate about in your personal life.

Current Openings

Here are a few jobs listed for people with industry experience and education.  But we are always looking for the right people (even without industry experience) who are willing to learn, love their job and make a difference.   Are you the right person to join The Cincinnatus Group?  Apply now to learn more.