Project Management for Sheet Metal Contractors

Project Management

As a sheet metal contractor, a big part of your business includes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), ductwork installation, architectural sheet metal, industrial sheet metal, kitchen equipment, specialty stainless steel work, and more. Your experience allows you to fully understand the needs of your clients and often exceed their expectations.

Being a qualified installer is one thing, but how do you differentiate your business from the other sheet metal contractors on the block? How can you stand out in a market that demands more than affordability and on-time installation?  One way to win more jobs and build stronger relationships is by offering effective project management services.

Quality field work has one value, while experienced organizational, management, and communication skills have another. Today, through The Cincinnatus Group, you can offer our Project Management services under your own label. Work with us to win more projects by becoming a more valuable partner to your clients.

  • We work in design, planning, and building information modeling
  • Are proficient in ductwork acquisition and construction scheduling
  • Have decades of experience in budgets, time schedules, and quality control
  • Exceptional work ethic, accountability, humility, and pursuit of excellence

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From Traditional Shop Drawings to 3D BIM Models

The Cincinnatus Group offers advanced CAD services for Sheet Metal Contractors using our own dedicated in-house teams. Our CAD Techs are both highly experienced and trained in The Cincinnatus Group’s own design efficiency and error reduction protocols.

Our BIM Coordination Drawings focus specifically on clash detection and clash resolution in situations where HVAC ductwork and electrical conduits must share tight space in a building design.

  • Building Information Modeling helps reduce costs and mitigate risks.
  • BIM provides for increased accuracy and efficiency in ductwork installation.
  • Schedules can be planned and sequenced for higher productivity.

At The Cincinnatus Group, our CAD & BIM services create significant efficiency during ductwork installation. This lowers labor costs, provides significant savings, and helps improve the quality of the final result.

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Project Managers at The Cincinnatus Group

The critical role of Project Manager is responsible for overseeing the planning, management and scheduling of projects completed by HVAC contractors.

At The Cincinnatus Group, our HVAC Project Managers are experienced in the comprehensive nature of planning, implementing and coordinating the processes of an HVAC installation. They work to ensure that plans are executed with speed and accuracy.

As individuals, our HVAC Project Managers are highly motivated, dedicated to consistent follow-through, and well-versed in working with other project managers, architects and engineers, duct fabricators, and field contacts. They lead coordination meetings, troubleshoot, and provide technical ductwork support as needed.

Their mission is to support you as your build your brand reputation, bring on more clients, and reach for new levels of success.

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