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About Us

Called to Solve, Where Others Struggle.

The Story of the Emperor Cincinnatus

The Cincinnatus Group takes its name from the Roman Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. A figure of legendary Roman virtue, Cincinnatus, having retired from public office, was plowing his fields one day in 458 BCE, when he received an urgent plea to return to the command of Rome’s armies. The city was under the attack of Aequi and Volscian tribes.

At great risk to himself and with no desire for glory, Cincinnatus took up his command, defeated the advancing barbarians, and then returned to his farm, all within 16 days.

George Washington has been called an American Cincinnatus because he rose to the defense of his nation, but held command only until the defeat of the British and, at a time when he could have been proclaimed King, instead returned to the life of a farmer at his beloved Mount Vernon.

The Cincinnatus Group holds no ambition higher than to respond to the call of companies struggling in the new and chaotic markets of the twenty first century, or whose dream is to advance to the next level of success.

Our expertise and our focus is in the field of HVAC ductwork projects for large commercial and institutional projects.

For any company in the HVAC ductwork ecosystem, from planners and fabricators to installers and builders, we can help you improve your processes and workflow for greater profitability.

To learn more, call The Cincinnatus Group at 878.295.8009, or visit our Contact Us page today.

Defining Capabilities

Called to solve, where others struggle, our passion is to bring programs, processes, and optimization to the support of businesses engaged in the HVAC Marketplace. Specifically, we serve Duct Fabricators, Sheet Metal Contractors, Owners & Developers, and Wholesalers.

Our market niche is the development and implementation of cutting-edge techniques in systematic duct work materials management.

Our deliverables include reliable services ranging from cost estimating to CAD drawings, consulting to duct acquisition. Our results include efficiency, cost savings, higher quality services, and improved profitability.

Values First

At The Cincinnatus Group, we start with values. Our core values define our company and our culture, serving as the foundation from which we operate.

  • A Strong Work Ethic
  • Sacrifice Above Self-Interest.
  • Accountability.
  • Pursuit of Excellence.
  • Humility

In business and in the service or our clients, these values guide our decisions and help strengthen every relationship we build.

Unique Strengths

What sets The Cincinnatus Group apart are our 3 unique strengths:

  • Unique Experience & Expertise.
  • Proprietary Duct Work Material Systems.
  • Experts in Integrating Construction Technology.

Want to learn more? Visit our Contact Us page or call The Cincinnatus Group today at 878.295.8009.