Duct Drawings for Contractors

Duct Drawings

When it comes to shop drawings, there’s no substitute for experience and a proven track record. At TCG, we start with that foundation and add irresistible advantages.

  • Dependable Error Reduction. We eliminate the imprecision and drafting errors of days past, saving you the headache of dealing with ill-fitting pieces and sorting through a jig-saw puzzle of delivered ductwork
  • Increased Profit. By reducing the production time of duct drawings, we provide a direct savings in time and money, making your job more profitable
  • A Partner in Success. As we turn around your shop drawings with precision, reliability, and cost-savings, TCG goes beyond being a reliable service provider to becoming your partner in success


Our Mission is to Solve Where Others Struggle:

Our Mission is to Solve Where Others Struggle:

The Shop Drawing Process

At TCG, we start with blueprints and section out the work, detailing the fittings, the joints, and the gauges- everything about each fitting and piece of duct.

Working in a virtual 3D environment, we number and develop a schedule of everything unique about each piece of duct. This enables us to find collisions and minimize design mistakes, ensuring precision fits, including connections and supports.

Direct to Coil Line and Plasma Tables

After duct drawings are complete, a second drawing pass provides an exact AutoCAD visualization, including an 3D view of duct elements going up and coming down, complete with duct numbers and tags that label length and diameter.

This digital information can be transmitted direct to your coil lines and plasma tables (or ours), resulting in amazing production efficiency, quality, affordability and deliverability. We also detail to installers what goes where, along with any special considerations, assuring your job goes smoothly.

The Last Word in Duct Drawings

EastCoast’s CAD/CAM software delivers superior detailing and reporting along with a clear visualization of how the final ductwork will be installed. This ensures HVAC implementation is correct, down to the finest details of the design.

We know you want more than duct drawings- you want the kind of support and problem solving that makes the job go smoothly and profitably. At TCG, peace-of-mind and profitability go hand in hand. And you can offer these services to your clients under your own brand.

To learn more, including how your company can develop a working partnership with TCG that takes advantage of our new streamlined automated duct delivery process, please contact us today!

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